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They Also Served paperback copy.

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Paperback copy by Brent Bankus

The Pennsylvania State Defense Forces, 1918 to 1953

The National Defense Act of 1916 forever changed the landscape of the U.S. Military

From 1918-1953, state governors were asked to raise and equip replacement National Guard units for national emergencies, like World Wars I & II. 

As a result, the Pennsylvania State Defense Force became the second line of defense if and when a national emergency occurred—which it soon would. These “Home Guards” were made up of volunteers with service experience and those who were well-versed in the martial arts.

These units served the states well for two conflicts, answering the governor’s call for natural and manmade disasters. They Also Served is their story.

The history of the Pennsylvania National Guard from World War I through Korea is detailed, including insignias.

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by LTC (R) Brent Bankus
Page Count: 78
Trim Size: 8 x 10 (color)
Publish Date: January 2022
Imprint: Local History Press
Genre: History