The Life of Conrad Weiser


The Life of Conrad Weiser paperback copy

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Paperback copy by Clement Zwingli Weiser

The German Pioneer, Patriot, and Patron of Two Races

The great-great-grandson of Conrad Weiser authored this biography in 1876. It was then updated in 1899 and again with this new and improved edition. This edition includes a new foreword by historian John L. Moore, index, and bibliography. The improvements include a fresh edit and the addition of numerous maps and images. Included in this book are the following:

  • Foreword by John L. Moore
  • Preface by C. Z. Weiser
  • Introduction to Second Edition by W. M. Zechman
  • I. Conrad Weiser’s Remote Ancestry and Native Place.
  • II. Conrad Weiser’s Parents—His Father and Mother.
  • III. The Exodus of Conrad Weiser’s Father.
  • IV. Conrad’s Father: Chief of the Colony at Livingston Manor.
  • V. Conrad’s Father: Chief of the Colony at Schoharie.
  • VI. Conrad Weiser’s Father: The Defender of the Rights and Liberties of his Countrymen at Schoharie.
  • VII. Conrad’s Father Leads a Colony to Tulpehocken, Pennsylvania. His Return and Wandering. His Visit to Tulpehocken. His Death.
  • VIII. John Conrad Weiser, Junior. His Name—Birth-Place—Baptism.
  • IX. Conrad’s Arrival in America. His Stay with the Maqua Indians.
  • X. Conrad Weiser and His Stepmother.
  • XI. Conrad Weiser’s Brothers and Sisters. His Occupation. His Marriage. His Departure for Pennsylvania.
  • XII. Conrad Weiser’s Advent in Pennsylvania. The Beginning of His Official History.
  • XIII. Conrad Weiser, Provincial Interpreter. Justice of the Peace. 1732–1743.
  • XIV. Ten More Years of Indian Intercourse. Missions and Duties. 1744–1754.
  • XV. The French and Indian War. Conrad Weiser, Superintendent of the Indian Bureau. Colonel. His Death Officially Announced. 1754–1760.
  • XVI. Conrad Weiser’s Failing Health. His Death. His Burial-Place.
  • XVII. Conrad Weiser as a Religious Character.
  • XVIII. Conrad Weiser’s Will. His Possessions. His Sons and Daughters. His Posterity.
  • XIX. Summary and Conclusion
  • Appendix
  • Authentic Autobiography of Conrad Weiser
  • Letter of Conrad Weiser to the Leaders at Ephrata, September 3, 1743
  • Dedication Hymn
  • The Story of Regina
  • Bibliography
  • Index
  • About the Author


by Clement Zwingli Weiser
Page Count: 142
Trim Size: 6 x 9
Publish Date: January 26, 2021
Imprint: Distelfink Press
Genre: History

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