Pennsylvania Oddities Volume 2


Pennsylvania Oddities Volume 2 paperback copy.

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Paperback copy by Marlin Bressi.

If a Hall of Fame existed for Pennsylvania criminals, 19th century outlaw Red Nose Mike would have been inducted with the greatest of ease. After he was hanged in 1889, the blood-thirsty killer with the curious nickname became part of Luzerne County legend.

Red Nose Mike is just one of many infamous characters who have left a dark stain on the pages of Pennsylvania history. Residents of Fayette County may recall ‘Eatabite’ Tibbs, the eccentric bandit– and alleged cannibal– who once struck terror into the hearts of men and women throughout western Pennsylvania. Pike County was the home of Herman Schultz, who might’ve lived to a ripe old age had it not been for his sons, whose testimony sent him to the gallows in 1897 for a crime long forgotten. And then there’s Hetty Good, the sweet Mennonite spinster whose deathbed confession revealed her true identity as one of the most ruthless murderers Lancaster County has ever seen.

Every part of the state harbors its share of dark secrets. In Pennsylvania Oddities, Vol. 2, author Marlin Bressi takes the reader on a macabre tour through the Keystone State in search of the strange, gruesome and bizarre.


  1. The Hanging of Susanna Cox (Berks County)
  2. The Strange History of Mt. Penn’s Fire Tower (Berks County)
  3. The Cawley Murders (Allegheny County)
  4. A Tragic Game of Cards and a Civil War Mystery (Franklin County)
  5. The Secret Indian Tomb of Pleasant Hall (Franklin County)
  6. Preacher Gill (Snyder County)
  7. The Centralia Mystery Skeleton (Columbia County)
  8. Death of a Candy Man (Schuylkill County)
  9. An Armless Fruit Vendor and a Pottsville Mystery (Schuylkill County)
  10. Eatabite Tibbs (Fayette County)
  11. The Haunted Cabin of Jumonville (Fayette County)
  12. The Lost Children of the Alleghenies (Bedford County)
  13. The Disappearance of Alice Arnold (Perry County)
  14. A Murder in Liberty Valley (Perry County)
  15. Debunking the Ghosts of Amity Hall (Perry County)
  16. The Deathbed Confession of Hetty Good (Lancaster County)
  17. The Love Cult Murder (Luzerne County)
  18. Red Nose Mike (Luzerne County)
  19. The Execution of Michael Roseberry (Luzerne County)
  20. The Mystery Bones of Federal Street (Lebanon County)
  21. Tragedy on the Susquehanna (Northumberland County)
  22. The Strange Death of David Moskowitz (Northumberland County)
  23. The Hunt for Hopson’s Diamonds (Venango County)
  24. Herman Schultz (Pike County)
  25. The Puzzling Origins of Puzzletown (Blair County)
  26. The Muleshoe Curve Suicide Grave (Blair County)
  27. A Soldier’s Skeleton and a Tragic Love Story (Lawrence County)
  28. The Royalton Army Transport Plane Crash of 1929 (Dauphin County)
  29. The Brutal Murder of Mary Quinn (Lackawanna County)
  30. Who Hanged the Night Watchman? (Montgomery County)

Page Count: 166
Trim Size: 6 x 9
Publish Date: June 27, 2020
Imprint: Sunbury Press
Genre: History

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